Welcome to Financial Clarity! We serve Law Firm owners with Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Fractional CFO Services! 

We have specialized in working with Attorneys for over five years, serving more than 200 law firms!

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My Name is Ryan Kimler, I am an Accountant and CFO by trade. My passion is helping Attorneys run their Law Firm by the Numbers to increase Profitability and Cash Flow. 

I help attorneys spend more time working ON their business instead of IN their business.

I help YOU get back to doing what you do best, being a GREAT Attorney for your clients.

So YOU can get back to crushing your business instead of the other way around.

7 Cash Flow Killers For Attorneys
And How You Can Fix Them!
I wrote this eBook from my experience of working with over 200 law firms in the last couple of years. My accounting firm is dedicated to working with law firms and we have a passion for helping attorneys improve their business and their cash flow. Unfortunately, I have seen these seven mistakes all too often with the attorney’s we have worked with, and it seemed to be a recurring theme. If one of these problems is sucking the cash out of your practice, I hope this guide helps you solve it!
5 BIG Reasons to Outsource Your Accounting
And Why You Should Do It NOW!
Learn more about why outsourcing your accounting and CFO functions is the best new solution for your law firm. How hiring an outside accounting firm will help you have more profitability and more importantly, peace of mind around your numbers and your business. 
7 Common Trust Account Mistakes
And How You Can Avoid Them!
Your Trust Account is probably not reconciled the way it should be. The truth is most Attorneys don't get the training they need on properly keeping a trust account in law school. From my experience there are several common mistakes that attorneys, and sometimes even accountants make, this book will help you avoid those common mistakes.
Why do you work solely with Attorneys?
What's an important value in your business?
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7 Cash Flow Killers For Attorneys
I Want To Give It To You For Free. Click The Button Below.
I Help Attorneys run their Law Firm by the Numbers by providing outsourced Accounting and CFO services.

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